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Innovage Outdoor AM/FM Emergency Battery Free Crank Radio
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Freeplay Baygen Ranger AM/FM Solar/Crank Radio
Self-sufficient AM/FM Radios assure listening, anytime, anywhere. Purchase for gifts, friends or family and know they have access to important news anywhere at anytime. With a combination of wind-up, solar and rechargeable power, the Ranger incorporates the latest in Freeplay's self-sufficient technology - unparalleled sound quality, playtime performance, dependability, and durability. Engineered to be the best rechargeable self-sufficient radio in the world. The crank transmission has be designed to last 100's of thousands of cranks and the system has been shown to last more than 10,000 crank charge cycles with no significant capacity loss. Engineered to be the best in the world.

Wind Up/Solar AM FM Radio Dynamo Power
With the Dynamo or Solar Radio Flashlight you will never have to worry about dead batteries during a power outage. Although this combination radio and flashlight can use regular batteries they are not necessary. It can be powered by turning a foldaway hand crank or it can use sunlight to generate power. It performs three separate functions and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The flashlight will allow you to see clearly outdoors at night or during a power outage. In an emergency, the siren and flashing light can be used to summon help. The AM/FM radio with built-in speaker and telescopic antenna provides great reception for listening to your favorite music or to official broadcasts during an emergency. Can also be powered by two AA batteries (not included). Dimensions are L 9" x H 6" x W 2 3/4".

Freeplay Combo Set - EyeMax AM / FM Weatherband Crank/Solar Emergency Radio With Sherpa LED Flashlight
This combo set includes the EyeMax AM / FM Weatherband Crank/Solar Emergency Radio With Sherpa LED Flashlight. This self-powered radio offers AM, FM, and National Weather Service broadcasts. The radio covers seven National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA) broadcast channels. The integrated solar panel will generate enough power to operate the radio and charge the battery simultaneously when exposed to strong sunlight. When you aren't using it, the radio will charge itself up if left in the sun. In addition to being able to power itself with the solar panel, just 30 seconds of winding the hand crank on the back of the radio will provide about 35 minutes of power. The winder can be cranked in either directions, and an LED indicator show what the optimum winding speed is. It may also be charged using an AC adapter (included), reaching full charge over a 24 hour period. A built-in 100,000 hour LED flashlight makes this ideal for everyday and emergency use. On a full charge, the radio or the flashlight will operate for about 25 hours. Freeplay Sherpa self-sufficient Flashlight is the only flashlight you may ever need. Incorporating the latest in Freeplay's world reknown wind-up technology, together with ultra-bright feature and dual recharge capability, the Sherpa rechargeable flashlights is engineered to be the most durable and the brightest in one compact, rugged unit for both every day and emergency use. Freeplay hand crank transmissions have shown to be capable of lasting 100's of thousands of cycles. Sherpa is simply engineered to be the best self-sufficient flashlight in the world today.

Battery-Free AM FM Weather Crank Radio with Ear Bud Headphones
No batteries? No power? No problem! Just rotate the easy-crank handle for about a minute, and get up to 20 minutes of radio power! Durably built for everyday use, this self-powered marvel is ideal for use in emergencies like power blackouts, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. Lightweight and portable, it's also a handy companion for outdoor trips like camping and hiking!

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