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Emergency Blanket
Emergency blankets designed for warmth and protection from the elements.

MPI Outdoors Emergency Blanket - silver
SPACE ®Brand EMERGENCY BLANKET is about the size of a package of cigarettes, but opens to a 56" (142 cm) by 84" (214 cm) tough and durable blanket. Manufactured by MPI since 1964 of the finest polyester material and purest vacuum deposited aluminum for the reflective surface, this product has helped to save countless lives , by providing protection from the elements. Used worldwide in disaster relief, rescue, and by militaries, this product is a 2 ounce life insurance policy. Will help prevent hypothermia by reflecting and retaining body heat, it is also very effective in preventing trauma shock, using the same reflective qualities. Available in silver/silver for regular use and Orange/Silver for greater visibility against a snow or water background. Registered FDA Medical Device No. 1220702. This is the "ORIGINAL SPACE ® BLANKET" made exclusively in America, since 1964. Do not be fooled by imitations without a reputation, or of suspect origin. When it's your life you want the "proven best".

Emergency Blanket. 84" X 52". 10 Pack
Pack of 10 emergency blankets. Polyester material. Reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. Emergency protection in all weather. Waterproof and windproof. Will not crack, mildew, or shrink. Net weight of 1.6 oz. Made in China.

Emergency Blanket Aluminized Polyethylene 53 In x 82.5 In.
Compact and lightweight. Aluminized polyethylene reflects heat back to body. Lightweight: 1.5 oz. 53 in. x 82.5 in.

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bags - Pack of 4 Bags.
Pack of four(4) emergency sleeping bags are made out of polyester. These bags are waterproof and windproof. Not only can they be used as a sleeping bags, it can also be used as an emergency ground cover or reflectors. These bags fold to approximately 3 X 5 inches for storage. ES1311.

MPI Outdoors Space Emergency Bag
The next logical giant step beyond the metallicized Emergency Blanket. It can be used alone, inside or outside of sleeping bags in survival situations. The full size 36" x 84" bag of original Emergency Blanket material with taped seams and collar retains in excess of 90% of radiated body heat while weighing only 4 oz. Every outdoors person should carry one, every snow country car should be equipped with them, every wilderness cabin and ski lodge should be well stocked with them. As they say - Don't leave home without one!

Cocoon Coolmax Travel Blanket
Now that it is harder than ever to find a clean airline blanket, Cocoon introduces a luxurious blanket that is so small and lightweight that you will want to have it with you wherever you go. The CoolMax Travel Blanket comes packed in a compact nylon bag with drawcord. · Ultra Compact & lightweight Travel Blanket · Generously sized - 55 X 70 · Special midweight CoolMax knit is warm, breathes well, wicks moisture effectively & feels great on your skin. · Dries extremely fast · Great for Plane, Car, Home, Camping & general outdoor use Weight: 11 oz. Packed Size: 3 ½ X 7

Emergency Blanket (Coghlans Emergency Blanket)
Coghlans Emergency Blanket:A compact, lightweight blanket. Aluminized, non-stretch polyester. Stays flexible in freezing temperatures. Reflects body heat back to body. Wind and waterproof. Weight: 1.5 oz. Size: 52"x 82.5"

MPI Outdoors Emergency Space Bag
This MPI Outdoors emergency space bag is designed to reflect and retains over 90% of radiated body heat. It can be used by itself or inside or over a sleeping bag, and acts as a windbreaker to protect against hypothermia.

G.I. Type O.D Lightweight Combat Casulty Blanket
Metalized Polyester,56"x84" Unflakeable OD Coating,Reflects 90% of Body Heat

MPI All Weather Blanket
This all-weather blanket from MPI Outdoors is a lightweight, super-insulator designed for warmth protection. It's windproof and waterproof, and will remain flexible in sub-freezing temperatures.

Fleece Blanket, Blue Pacific
Incredibly soft and luxurious Polyester Fleece Blanket has a rich lambskin finish which resists pilling and wear much better than cheap fleece blankets. Lycra-bound edges are much more comfortable and durable than overstitched edges commonly found on inexpensive blankets. Generously sized and available in a wide variety of fashionable colors, this blanket is sure to be your favorite.

Emergency Blanket, Aluminized Polyethylene, 53 In x 82.5 In.
Compact and lightweight. Aluminized polyethylene reflects heat back to body. Lightweight: 1.5 oz. 53 in. x 82.5 in.

Emergency Blanket (19428)
Compact Lightweight Blanket. Aluminized Non-stretch Polyester. Stays Flexible In Freezing Temperatures. Reflects Body Heat Back To Body. Wind And Waterproof. Size 53'' X 82.5''.

Emergency Blanket-Gold (Emergency Blanket)
Emergency Blanket:Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, yet opens to a full 56" x 84" size. Windproof, waterproof and flexible to -60F. The blankets reflect back 80% of body heat utilizing super insulation proven in space missions. Weighs 1.5 oz.

Lifeline First Aid Auto Emergency Travel Blanket
The Lifeline® Travel blanket is designed to store easily in your vehicle. Its tough and durable nylon backing will stay clean and dry under the back seat of your SUV or in the trunk of your car. The secure folding system and Velcro® tabs will keep it neat and conveniently stored out of your way. The blankets beautiful fabric design and extra padding can be used for a picnic or as a stadium blanket to keep warm and dry at sporting events.

MYLAR OD / SILVER COMBAT CASUALTY BLANKET. This lightweight olive drab and silver Mylar blanket is designed to serve as an emergency blanket, measures 84"x 52" and reflects 90% of body heat. One side of this blanket is OD and the other side is silver making it perfect for use in tactical situations. Genuine GI issue. Federal Stock Number: FSN 7210 935 6666 Folded it is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. NEW

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