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Emergency first aid kits with the bare necessities.

120-Pc. First Aid Kit
Be prepared with this complete 120-Pc. First Aid Kit with BONUS Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Kit. Accidents happen. Be prepared to treat bumps, cuts, bruises and burns with this handy First Aid Kit. It's packed with supplies and includes an informative AMA First Aid Guide. The whole works fits nicely in a compact, durable 8 x 6" nylon Carry Bag. Great for camping and fishing. Perfect for home, cabin, car or boat. KIT INCLUDES: 36 - 3/4 x 3" Adhesive Plastic Bandages; 10 - 3/8 x 1 1/2" Jr. Adhesive Plastic Bandages; 2 - Knuckle Fabric Bandages; 2 - Fingertip Bandages; 2 - 2 x 4" Elbow & Knee Bandages; 4 - 2 x 2" Gauze Dressing Pads; 2 - 4 x 4" Gauze Dressing Pads; 1 - 5 x 9" Trauma Pad; 1 - 2" Gauze Roll Bandage; 1 - Sterile Eye Pad; 1 - Instant Cold Compress; 3 - Butterfly Wound Closures; 2 - 2 x 2" Moleskin Squares; 1 - 1/2" x 5 yd. First Aid Tape Roll; 1 - 6" x 3/4" Finger Splint; 6 - Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes; 12 - Alcohol Cleansing Pads; 3 - Castile Soap Towelettes; 3 - Insect Sting Relief Pads; 3 - Antibiotic Ointment Packs; 1 - Burn Relief Pack; 2 - Aspirin Tablets; 4 - Ibuprofen Tablets; 4 - Extra-strength Non-aspirin Tablets; 1 - Scissors; 1 - Tweezers; 2 - Medium Safety Pins; 10 - Cotton Tipped Applicators; 2 - Exam-quality Vinyl Gloves; 1 - AMA First Aid Guide. A great value at this price! Order ONLINE Today! 120-Pc. First Aid Kit

Atwater Carey Expedition First Aid Kit
Specifically designed for long-term backcountry and expeditionary use where evacuation would be difficult or delayed. It is equipped with a full range of first aid supplies to provide immediate treatment in a remote setting. The Expedition also features additional quantities of the most frequently used items. Medical information: Backcountry first aid Personal: Nitrile gloves (pair) Personal protection pack Essential tools: 5 1/2" EMT shears Single edge razor blade Splinter grabber forceps Pencil Two pill vials Patient assessment form Wire splint Oral thermometer Resealable waterproof bag 2" x 3" mirror Six safety pins Wound treatment: 12cc irrigation syringe Two tincture of benzoin swabs Three triple antibiotic ointments Two Betadine iodine ointments Betadine iodine solution Five sterile wound closure strips Three antiseptic towelettes Three sting relief pads Blister and burn treatment: Two 2" x 3" moleskin Bandage materials: Two Triangle bandage 1" x 10 yds adhesive tape 1" x 10 yds cohesive gauze tape Twelve 1" x 3" fabric bandages Six knuckle bandages 3" x 5 yds elastic bandage Six 4" x 4" sterile gauze pads Two 5" x 9" combine dressings 3" x 5" yds conforming gauze 2" x 5 yds conforming gauze Four 3" x 4" Tefla non-adherent dressings Two sterile eye pads Medications: Four Tylenol (acetaminophen) Six Advil (ibuprofen) Four Electrolyte tablets

Ultralight .9 by Adventure Medical Kits
The Ultralight .9 by Adventure Medical Kits includes the essential first aid supplies for fastpackers, mountain bikers, day hikers and adventure racers.Features: Bandage materials include eight 3 x 3 sterile dressings, four 2 x 2 sterile dressings, two 3 x 4 non-adherent sterile dressings, one conforming gauze bandage, five 1 x 3 adhesive bandages, 4 knuckle adhesive bandages, 10 yards of 1-2-inch tape, 1 swift wrap bandage, 2 stockinette bandages and 2 cotton tipped applicators. Medications include 6 Diamode (Immodium)s, 10 Motrin, 2 antihistamines, and 2 After Bite Sting Relief. Wound management materials include 2 moleskin, 6 After Cuts and Scrapes Towelettes, 4 antibiotic ointments, 1 tincture of benzoin, 1 wound closure strips and Povidone Iodine 1 oz. Other essential items include 2 nitrile gloves, 1 splinter picker tweezer, 3 safety pins, duct tape and 2 Aloksaks. Specifications: Weight: 9.5 ounces. Dimensions: 8.25 x 5 x 3 inches.

Atwater Carey Family First Aid Kit
Designed to treat almost any wilderness or urban injury. Content features include wound closures, trauma dressings, triangular bandage, bandage scissors, protective gloves, backcountry first aid instructions.

237-piece First Aid Kit Green
"Be prepared" with these First Aid Kits! 6-compartment rugged carry bag complete with carry straps and shoulder strap allows easy access and storage of items. And it's easy to take with you anywhere you go. Contains bandages, splints, sponge dressings, cold pack, cream, ointments, tweezers, tablets, matches, whistle, hand warmers, emergency blanket, plus more. Order ONLINE Today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: 119-piece First Aid Kit - word search in our Store for 'First Aid Kits'. 237-piece First Aid Kit, Green

Pocket Medic
Kit contains: 2 Butterfly Closures, 6 Adhesive Bandages, 2 Sterile Dressings (2 x 2), Sting Relief Pad, Double Antibiotic Ointment, 3 Antiseptic Towelettes, Moleskin, 4 Motrin, and 2 Safety Pins.

Atwater Carey Pro 3.0 First Aid Kit
The Pro 3.0 provides maximum first aid capability in a pack weighing under 2.5 pounds. The addition of a Bloodstopper dressing, #11 scalpel, and extra quantities of all consumable supplies provides expedition-length coverage. Designed for medium-size groups on multi-week outings. Ideal in institutional or professional settings. Group size: 1-8. Trip length: 1-21 days.

Atwater Carey Sport Pak First Aid Kit
Our smallest waterproof kit. Sized to fit in most glove compartments and tackle boxes, it is packed with treatments for common outdoor and household injuries. O-ring top and durable hard case protect contents from moisture and crushing. Medical information: First aid insturctions. Personal: Nitrile gloves (pair). Essential tools: Single edge razor blade. Resealable waterproof bag. Two safety pins. Wound treatment: Triple antibiotic ointment. Betadine iodine ointment. Three sterile cotton tipped applicators. Nine Antiseptic towelettes. Two sting relief pads. Bandage materials: 1/2" x 10 yds adhesive tape. Six 1" x 3" fabric bandages. Two knuckle bandage. 2" x x2" fabric bandage. Four 3" x 3" sterile gauze pad. 2" x 5 yds comforming gauze. Two 2" x 3" Telfa non-adherent. Medications: Four Advil (ibuprofen).

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Medic II
Compact and easy to carry, the ultimate medical kit for remote base camps, expeditions and rescue personnel. It has reflective piping for high visibility, large empty outer compartments for rescue or personal gear & removable waistbelt. Size: 16" x 10" x 8". Weight: 6 lbs. See chart for contents on opposite page.

Orion(r) Marine First Aid Weekender Kit
Weekender Kit Similar to Fish 'n Ski kit, plus adhesive eye patches, ammonia inhalant, cold pack, scissors,forceps, zinc oxide, and triangular bandage. Case: 8" x 5-1/2" x 2-3/4". Be prepared for on the water first aid emergencies. Developed with the boater in mind, Orion First Aid Kits are designed for convenience and economy and contain proven, quality name-brand products.

Safety First Aid Kit
This compact first aid kit is lightweight enough to carry with you or may be left in your car, boat, home, or RV where it will be easily accessible in case of an emergency. Kit includes bandage strips, a knuckle bandage, non-adherent sterile pads, triple antibiotic ointment, adhesive tape, a "call police" sign, latex gloves, a road flare, an instant cold pack, and a first aid instruction card.

Atwater Carey Sportsmen's First Aid Kit
A sturdy hard-sided hit with 101 first aid items. The case which is resistent to the elements, also has a handle that makes it easy to carry. It contains essential items for hunting, fishing, or to just keep in your boat or truck

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight .3 First Aid Kit
The Adventure Medical Ultralight .3 first aid kit if for ideal if you are looking to shave some weight without shaving on safety. The Ultralight .3 comes in a waterproof 1.3 oz silicone coated ripstop nylon bag so you can keep your first aid kit dry. Other Features: Group Size: 1 Person Trip Duration: 1-2 Days Wound Managerment: 8 2x2 Sterile Dressings, 2 Safety Pins, 2 Butterfly Closure Bandage, 3 After Cuts & Scrapes Towelettes, 5 1x3 Adhesive Bandage, 3 Knuckle Adhesive Bandage, 1 Tape ½"" x 5 Yards 1 Moleskin (3x4), 2 Antibiotic Ointment Medications: Ibuprofen (200mg), Antihistamine, After Bite Sting Relief Weight: 3.5oz Dimensions: 7"" x 5"" x 1.5"" Warranty: 1 Year Use: Adventure racing and backcountry "

123 Piece First Aid Kit
123 Piece First Aid Kit:Enough supplies to repeatedly treat the most common minor injuries as well as a several more serious wounds. See chart for content details. Includes easy to carry bag with convenient, see-through pouches for quickly locating supplies.

Blue Water First Aid Kit
Kits are packed in double zipper, PVC coated nylon bags with room to add additional safety products. Provides the protection for additional situations until you return to shore. Kit Includes: General First Aid Module Wound Treatment Module Sprains & Limb Injury Module Eye Injury Module Medications Module

First Aid Kit
Replacement components include 2 allen wrenches, 2 pivot cups, 8 mounting nuts, 2 packs of Doh-Doh's, 1 pack of 1" allen Silverados, 2 Black Panther bearings, 4 bearing spacers, 4 axle nuts, 1 pack of speed wachers, 2 king pins with nuts, 2 king pin washers and assorted sticker pack in one convenient plastic case.

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